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Loose, Jonathan J (2011) Resurrection and Personal Identity: A Crisis for Materialism? Evangelical Philosophical Society Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA [Conference or Workshop Item]

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    The problem of establishing a broadly acceptable criterion for personal identity over time that is consistent with a materialist conception of human persons has not been solved. Empiricist theories fail both to distinguish numerical from qualitative identity and to avoid unacceptable closest-continuer theories whilst absolutist theories depending on a constitution view of persons are either unsatisfying or vacuous. Zimmerman's model of bodily survival, named after the cartoon depiction of a last-minute escape from a falling elevator entails that, just prior to death, the earthly body becomes immanent-causally related to two bodies that have distinct destinies as a corpse and a resurrected person respectively. A review is presented of responses to the model over the last decade, arguing that Zimmerman's model still leaves us in the position he identified at the start of his original paper: 'It is not easy to be a materialist and yet believe that there is a way for human beings to survive death'. The general failure to find an adequate account of personal identity and survival consistent with materialism constitutes a crisis for Christian materialism. Other positions, such as anti-criterialism are discussed to illustrate this point.

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