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  1. Howard, Damian (2015) Why Benedict was Right. [Other]
  2. Howard, Damian (2017) Pope in Egypt 2017: The tangled roots of violence in the history of religion. The Tablet, 27 Apr. [Journal Article]
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  4. Howard, Damian (1995) 1996 and All That: the writing on the wall. The Tablet. [Journal Article]
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  6. González Buelta, Benjamín and Howard, Damian (2012) Psalms to Accompany the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola. Oxford: The Way Publications. [Translation]
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  8. Howard, Damian (2015) Laudato si’: a Seismic Event in Dialogue between the Catholic Church and Ecology. Thinking Faith: the online journal of the British Jesuits. [Journal Article]
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