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  1. Riordan, Patrick (2016) Living Faithfully in and with the Secular. Tambara: A Journal on the Humanities and Social Sciences. [Journal Article] (Forthcoming)
  2. Riordan, Patrick (2008) An Introduction to Catholic Social Thought. Michael P. Hornsby-Smith. Heythrop Journal, 49 (3), pp. 494-498. [Book review]
  3. Riordan, Patrick (2001) Dolphins and the Good Life. A Philosophical Challenge to the University. In: Hoey-Heffron, Angela, Heffron, James, (eds.) Beyond the Ivory Tower. The University in the New Millennium. Cork: Mercier Press, University of Ireland, pp. 9-17. [Book section]
  4. Riordan, Patrick (2015) Global Ethics and Global Common Goods. London: Bloomsbury Academic. [Monograph]
  5. Riordan, Patrick (2007) Common Good or Selfish Greed? In: Atherton, John, Skinner, Hannah, (eds.) Through the Eye of a Needle. Theological Conversations over Political Economy. Peterborough: Epworth, pp. 35-49. [Book section]
  6. Riordan, Patrick (1996) A Politics of the Common Good. Dublin: Institute of Public Administration. [Monograph]
  7. Riordan, Patrick (2001) Philosophical Perspectives on People Power. Naga, Philippines: Ateneo de Naga University Press. [Monograph]
  8. Riordan, Patrick (2013) Europe's Common Good: Ideas and Ideals. In: Riekmann, Sonja Puntscher, Somek, Alexander, Wydra, Doris, (eds.) Is there a European Common Good? Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlag, pp. 46-66. [Book section] (Forthcoming)
  9. Riordan, Patrick (2003) The Limits of Pluralism. Studies, 92, pp. 42-50. [Journal Article]
  10. Riordan, Patrick (2013) Which Dignity? Which Religious Freedom? In: McCrudden, Christopher, (ed.) Understanding Human Dignity. London: Proceedings of the British Academy, pp. 322-332. [Book section] (Forthcoming)