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Book section

Ganeri, Martin (2012) Christian Spirituality and Hinduism. In: Tyler, P, Woods, R, (eds.) The Continuum Guide to Christian Spirituality. London : Continuum . [Book section]

Ganeri, Martin (2012) Theology and Non-Western Philosophy. In: Crisp, O, D'Costa, G, Davies , M, Hampson , P, (eds.) Theology And Philosophy: Faith and Reason. London: T&T Clarke, pp. 202-220. [Book section]

Ganeri, Martin (2011) Catholicism and Hinduism. In: D'Costa, G., (ed.) The Catholic Church and The World Religions. London: T&T Clark, pp. 106-140. [Book section]

Ganeri, Martin (2010) Two Pedagogies for Happiness: healing goals and healing methods in the Summa Theologiae of Thomas Aquinas and Sri Bhasya of Ramanuja. In: Carlisle, Clare, Ganeri, Jodarnon, (eds.) Philosophy as Therapeia. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 51-65. [Book section]

Ganeri, Martin (2008) The Catholic Magisterium and the World Religions. In: O'Mahony, Anthony, (ed.) A Catholic Shi'a Dialogue: Ethics in Today's Society. London: Melisende. [Book section]

Ganeri, Martin Free Will, Agency and Selfhood in Rāmānuja. In: Free Will, Agency, and Selfhood in Indian Philosophy. New York: Oxford University Press. [Book section] (Forthcoming)

Book review

Ganeri, Martin (2009) Beyond Compare St Francis de Sales and Sri Vedanta Desika on Loving Surrender to God. Francis X. Clooney S.J. (Georgetown University Press, 2008). Journal of Hindu Studies, 2 (2), pp. 242-244. [Book review]

Dictionary/encyclopedia article

Ganeri, Martin Ramanuja. In: Oxford Bibliographies Online. New York: Oxford University Press. [Dictionary/encyclopedia article]

Journal Article

Ganeri, Martin (2012) Natural Law and Hinduism. Journal of Comparative Law. [Journal Article]

Ganeri, Martin (2012) Tradition with a New Identity: Thomist engagement with non-Christian thought as a model for the new comparative theology in Europe. Religions (Special Issue: European Perspectives on the New Comparative Theology), 3. [Journal Article] (Forthcoming)

Ganeri, Martin (2007) Catholic Encounter with Hindus in the Twentieth century: In Search of an Indian Christianity. New Blackfriars, 88, pp. 410-432. [Journal Article]

Ganeri, Martin (2007) Knowledge and Love of God in Ramanuja and Aquinas. Journal of Hindu Christian Studies, 20, pp. 3-8. [Journal Article]

Ganeri, Martin Changing Water into wine: A Thomist model for theological engagement with Non-Christian thought and its relevance for contemporary Christian encounter with Asian religions and cultures. LANDAS Loyola School of Theology . [Journal Article]

Ganeri, Martin Toward an Alternative Theology: Confessions of a Non-dualist Christian: Sara Grant RCSJ’s contribution to Catholic Theological and Spiritual Encounter with Hinduism. New Blackfriars. [Journal Article] (Forthcoming)


Burns, Elizabeth and Ganeri, Martin (2010) Buddhism. University of London International Programmes (2nd ed.). [Textbook]

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