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January 2002

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April 2002

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January 2003

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March 2003

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2 July 2004

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16 July 2005

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19 August 2005

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24 September 2005

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12 November 2005

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4 February 2006

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11 March 2006

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July 2006

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15 July 2006

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17 November 2006

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15 December 2006

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5 April 2007

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22 June 2007

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2 February 2008

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23 May 2008

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30 May 2008

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21 June 2008

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October 2008

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20 March 2009

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17 April 2009

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July 2009

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October 2009

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3 July 2010

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13 August 2010

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September 2010

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22 October 2010

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January 2011

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March 2011

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April 2011

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August 2011

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September 2011

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5 November 2011

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27 January 2012

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August 2012

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January 2013

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June 2013

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4 June 2013

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24 August 2013

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September 2013

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October 2014

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5 March 2015

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19 November 2015

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28 January 2016

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4 August 2016

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30 September 2016

Cottingham, John (2016) The spiritual and the sacred: prospects for convergence between religious and non­‐religious outlooks. In: Carroll, Anthony, Norman, Richard, (eds.) Religion and Atheism : Beyond the Divide. London: Routledge. [Book section] (Forthcoming)


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26 January 2017

Cottingham, John (2017) Context, history and interpretation: the religious dimension in Descartes’s metaphysics. In: Gaukroger, Stephen, Wilson, Catherine, (eds.) Descartes and Cartesianism: Essays in Honour of Desmond Clarke. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 42-53. [Book section]

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