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Lang, Uwe Michael (1997) Nicetas Choniates, a Neglected Witness to the Greek Text of John Philoponus’ Arbiter. Journal of Theological Studies, 48 (2), pp. 540-548. [Journal Article]


Lang, Uwe Michael (1998) Anhypostatos–Enhypostatos: Church Fathers, Protestant Orthodoxy and Karl Barth. Journal of Theological Studies, 49 (2), pp. 630-658. [Journal Article]

1 January 1998

Lang, Uwe Michael (1998) The Date of the Treatise De Sectis Revisited. Orientalia Lovaniensia Periodica, 29, pp. 89-98. [Journal Article]


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Lang, Uwe Michael (2001) John Philoponus and the Controversies over Chalcedon in the Sixth Century. A Study and Translation of the Arbiter. Leuven: Peeters. [Monograph]

1 January 2005

Lang, Uwe Michael (2005) John Philoponus and the Fifth Ecumenical Council: A Study and Translation of the Letter to Justinian. Annuarium Historiae Conciliorum, 37, pp. 411-436. [Journal Article]

Lang, Uwe Michael (2005) Zum Einsetzungsbericht bei ostsyrischen Liturgiekommentatoren. Oriens Christianus, 89, pp. 63-76. [Journal Article]


Lang, Uwe Michael (2007) Die Anaphora von Addai und Mari: Studien zu Eucharistie und Einsetzungsbericht. Bonn: nova&vetera. [Edited collection]

1 January 2007

Lang, Uwe Michael (2007) Patristic Argument and the Use of Philosophy in the Tritheist Controversy of the Sixth Century. In: The Mystery of the Holy Trinity in the Fathers of the Church. Proceedings of the Fourth International Patristic Conference, Maynooth. Dublin: Four Courts Press, pp. 79-99. [Book section]


Lang, Uwe Michael (2009) Tamquam Cor in Pectore: The Eucharistic Tabernacle Before and After the Council of Trent. Sacred Architecture (15), pp. 32-34. [Journal Article]

Lang, Uwe Michael (2009) Turning Towards the Lord: Orientation in Liturgical Prayer. San Franciscto: Ignatius Press. [Monograph]

1 January 2009

Lang, Uwe Michael (2009) Liturgia, musica e arte sacra: il card. Siri liturgo. In: Gheda, P., (ed.) Siri. La Chiesa, l’Italia. Genova - Milano: Marietti, pp. 321-331. [Book section]


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Lang, Uwe Michael (2011) Louis Bouyer and Church Architecture: Resourcing Benedict XVI’s The Spirit of the Liturgy. Sacred Architecture (19), pp. 14-17. [Journal Article]

Lang, Uwe Michael (2011) Newman and the Fathers of the Church. New Blackfriars, 92 (1038), pp. 144-156. [Journal Article]

Lang, Uwe Michael (2011) Theologies of Blessing: Origins and Characteristics of De Benedictionibus (1984). Antiphon, 15 (1), pp. 27-46. [Journal Article]


Lang, Uwe Michael (2012) A Chorus of Praise: Authentic Beauty in Sacred Art. Sacred Architecture (22), pp. 32-35. [Journal Article]

Lang, Uwe Michael (2012) The Controversies over Chalcedon and the Beginnings of Scholastic Theology: The Case of John Philoponus. In: Rutherford, J.E., Woods, D., (eds.) The Mystery of Christ in the Fathers of the Church: Essays in Honour of D. Vincent Twomey SVD. Dublin / Portland, OR: Four Courts Press, pp. 78-93. [Book section]

Lang, Uwe Michael (2012) Geistbestimmter Gottesdienst. Zur Kirchenmusik im Liturgieverständnis von Joseph Ratzinger – Benedikt XVI. In: Pietschmann, Klaus, (ed.) Papsttum und Kirchenmusik vom Mittelalter bis zu Benedikt XVI.: Postitionen – Entwicklungen – Kontexte. Kassel: Barenreiter, pp. 341-350. [Book section]

Lang, Uwe Michael (2012) La “sacralità” della liturgia. In: Boselli, G, (ed.) Ars liturgica: l’arte a servizio della liturgia. Magnano (BI): Edizioni Qiqajon, pp. 59-79. [Book section]

Lang, Uwe Michael (2012) Theological Criteria for Sacred Music: From John XXII to Benedict XIV. In: Rutherford, J.E., (ed.) Benedict XVI and Beauty in Sacred Music: Proceedings of the Third Fota International Liturgical Conference, 2010. Dublin / New York: Four Courts Press / Scepter Publishers, pp. 41-59. [Book section]

Lang, Uwe Michael (2012) The Voice of the Church at Prayer: Reflections on Liturgy and Language. San Francisco, California: Ignatius Press. [Monograph]


Lang, Uwe Michael (2013) Fremdheit und Vertrautheit der Liturgiesprache. In: Wahle, Stephan, Hoping, Helmut, Haunerland, Winfried, (eds.) Römische Messe und Liturgie in der Moderne. Freiburg - Basel - Wien: Herder, pp. 442-448. [Book section]

1 January 2013

Lang, Uwe Michael (2013) Papst Benedikt XVI. und die Reform der Liturgie. In: Wahle, Stephan, Hoping, Helmut, Haunerland, Winfried, (eds.) Römische Messe und Liturgie in der Moderne. Freiburg - Basel - Wien: Herder, pp. 178-198. [Book section]

1 March 2013

Lang, Uwe Michael (2013) Translating the Missale Romanum: Towards a Sacral Vernacular. In: Rutherford, J.E., O'Brien, J., (eds.) Benedict XVI and the Roman Missal: Proceedings of the Fourth Fota International Liturgical Conference, 2011. Dublin / New York: Four Courts Press / Scepter Publishers, pp. 245-259. [Book section]


Lang, Uwe Michael (2014) Historische Stationen zur Frage der lateinischen Liturgiesprache. In: Heid, Stefan, (ed.) Operation am lebenden Objekt: Roms Liturgiereformen von Trient bis zum Vaticanum II. Berlin: be.bra wissenschaft, pp. 221-237. [Book section]

1 January 2014

Lang, Uwe Michael (2014) Die Krise der sakralen Kunst und die Quellen ihrer Erneuerung im Denken Papst Benedikts XVI. In: Hauke, Manfred, (ed.) Papst Benedikt XVI. und die Liturgie. Regensburg: Verlag Friedrich Pustet, pp. 111-130. [Book section]

Lang, Uwe Michael (2014) Sacred Architecture at the Service of the Mission of the Church. In: Reid, Alcuin, (ed.) The Sacred Liturgy: Source and Summit of the Life and Mission of the Church. The Proceedings of the International Conference on the Sacred Liturgy Sacra Liturgia 2013. San Francisco: Ignatius Press, pp. 187-211. [Book section]

Lang, Uwe Michael (2014) What Makes Architecture "Sacred"? Logos: a Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture, 17, pp. 44-64. [Journal Article]

1 January 2015

Lang, Uwe Michael (2015) Augustine's Conception of Sacrifice in 'City of God', Book X, and the Eucharistic Sacrifice. Antiphon, 19 (1), pp. 29-51. [Journal Article]

1 September 2015

Lang, Uwe Michael (2015) Signs of the Holy One: Liturgy, Ritual, and the Expression of the Sacred. San Francisco: Ignatius Press. [Monograph]

1 January 2016

Lang, Uwe Michael (2016) The Liturgy and Sacred Language. In: Reid, Alcuin, (ed.) T&T Clark Companion to Liturgy. London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark, pp. 365-382. [Book section]


Lang, Uwe Michael (2017) Origins of the Liturgical Veneration of the Roman Veronica. In: Kessler, Herbert L., Murphy, Amanda, (eds.) Veronica, Saint Veronica and vera icona in Medieval Texts and Art. Turnhout: Brepols. [Book section] (Forthcoming)

15 March 2017

Lang, Uwe Michael (2017) Zur Praxis der sakramentalen Konzelebration: Eine Neubesinnung auf Sacrosanctum Concilium in Kontinuität mit der liturgischen Überlieferung. In: Graulich, Markus, (ed.) Zehn Jahre Summorum Pontificum: Versöhnung mit der Vergangenheit - Weg in die Zukunft. Regensburg: Verlag Friedrich Pustet, pp. 155-191. [Book section] (Forthcoming)

27 July 2017

Lang, Uwe Michael (2017) Authentic Liturgical Renewal in Contemporary Perspective: Proceedings of the Sacra Liturgia Conference held in London, 5th – 8th July 2016. London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark. [Edited collection]

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