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Book section

Cameron-Mowat, Andrew (2002) Liturgy: from Trent to Vatican II. In: New Catholic Encyclopedia [2nd ed.]. [Book section]

Cottingham, John (2002) Philosophy and its History. In: Ouyang, Kang, Fuller, Steve, (eds.) Contemporary British and American Philosophy. New York: Nova Scientific Publishers. [Book section]

Gilfillan Upton, Bridget (2002) Feminist theology as Biblical hermeneutics. In: Parsons, Susan Frank, (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Feminist Theology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 97-113. [Book section]

Kirwan, Michael (2002) The Limits of Interpretation: The Gadamer-Habermas Conversation. In: Pokorny, P, Rosovec, J, (eds.) Philosophical Hermeneutics and Biblical Exegesis. Tubingen: Mohr Siebeck, pp. 68-83. [Book section]

Riordan, Patrick (2002) Punishment in Ireland: Can We Talk About It? In: Criminal Justice in Ireland. Dublin: Institute of Public Administration, pp. 558-569. [Book section]

Ward, Keith (2002) Cosmology and Religious Ideas about the End of the World'. In: Ellis, George F.R., (ed.) The Far-Future Universe: Eschatology from a Cosmic Perspective. Vatican City: Templeton Foundation Press/Pontifical Academyof Sciences, pp. 235-48. [Book section]

Ward, Keith (2002) The Importance of Liberal Theology. In: Chapman, Mark, (ed.) The Future of Liberal Theology. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 39-53. [Book section]

Ward, Keith (2002) A constructive contemporary theology. In: Marks, Darren, (ed.) Shaping a Theological Mind: theological context and methodology. Aldershot: Ashgate. [Book section]

Book review

Cottingham, John (2002) The Art of Living: Socratic Reflections from Plato to Foucault. A. Nehamas. Journal of Nietzsche Studies. [Book review]

Cottingham, John (2002) Cartesian Questions. J-L. Marion. Mind, 111. [Book review]

Cottingham, John (2002) Descartes Embodied. D. Garber. Journal of Philosophy, 99. [Book review]

Cottingham, John (2002) Pluralism in Philosophy: Changing the Subject. J. Kekes. Mind, 111. [Book review]

Cottingham, John (2002) A Short Treatise on the Great Virtues. A. Comte-Sponville. The Philosopher's Magazine (19), p. 56. [Book review]

Cottingham, John (2002) What Am I? Descartes on the Mind-Body Problem. J. Almog. International Philosophical Quarterly, 42-44, pp. 560-561. [Book review]

Hoff, Johannes (2002) Thurner, Martin: Der Ursprung des Denkens bei Heraklit. Theologische Quartalschrift, 182, 58f-58f. [Book review]

Hoff, Johannes (2002) Thurner, Martin: Gott als das offenbare Geheimnis nach Nikolaus von Kues. Theologische Quartalschrift, 182, 59f-59f. [Book review]

Lacewing, Michael (2002) The Ethics of Killing. J. McMahan. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. [Book review]

Journal Article

Blass, R. B. (2002) In the absence of the value of truth (Hebrew). Haaretz (Israeli newspaper), 27/2/2002. [Journal Article]

Blass, R. B. (2002) On being masters in our psychical home (Hebrew). Haaretz (Israeli newspaper), 9/8/2002. [Journal Article]

Blass, R. B. (2002) Response to comments on “On the patient’s right to tell”. Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, 52, pp. 905-907. [Journal Article]

Cameron-Mowat, Andrew (2002) The Art of the Presider. Musical Liturgy. [Journal Article]

Cameron-Mowat, Andrew (2002) The Presence of Christ in the Presider. Liturgical Ministry. [Journal Article]

Carroll, Anthony (2002) Secularisation in Recent Social Theory. Protestant Faculty of Charles University, Prague, XLIV (3), pp. 250-265. [Journal Article]

Cottingham, John (2002) Descartes and the Voluntariness of Belief. Monist, 85 (3), pp. 343-360. [Journal Article]

Cottingham, John (2002) Profondità e postmodernismo’ (‘Profundity and Postmodernism’. La Società degli Individui, 14, 05-19. [Journal Article]

Hoff, Johannes (2002) Fundamentaltheologie im Gespräch. Philosophische Konturen einer ökumenischen Kontroverse am Beispiel Peter Dabrocks. Theologie der Gegenwart , 45, pp. 68-73. [Journal Article]

Hoff, Johannes (2002) Fundamentaltheologische Implikationen der Apokalyptik. Annäherung an den Begriff der Offenbarung ausgehend von Derridas dekonstruktiver Lektüre der Apokalypse des Johannes. Theologie der Gegenwart, 45/46, pp. 42-51. [Journal Article]

O'Mahony, Anthony (2002) Islam Face-à-Face Christianity. The Way Supplement, 104, pp. 75-85. [Journal Article]

Riordan, Patrick (2002) Ethics Making Sense. Studies, 91, pp. 7-17. [Journal Article]

Ward, Keith (2002) Believing in Miracles. Zygon, 37 (3), pp. 741-750. [Journal Article]

Ward, Keith (2002) Nature, Red in Tooth and Claw: Can There Be a Theology of Nature? Research News and Opportunities in Science and Theology, 7 (2), pp. 20-21. [Journal Article]


Barnes, Michael (2002) Theology and the Dialogue of Religions. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. [Monograph]

Blass, R. B. (2002) The Meaning of the Dream in Psychoanalysis. Albany: State University of New York Press. [Monograph]

Howells, Edward (2002) John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila: Mystical Knowing and Selfhood. New York: Crossroad Publishing Company. [Monograph]

Ward, Keith (2002) God: a Guide for the Perplexed. Oxford: Oneworld . [Monograph]

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