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Barnes, Michael (2006) The Intimacy of Distance: on Faith learning from Faith. Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality, 6 (1), pp. 48-61. [Journal Article]

Barnes, Michael (2006) With God in the world: a dialogue between the Bhagavad Gita and the spiritual exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola. In: Cornille, Catherine, (ed.) Song Divine: Christian Commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita. Peters Press and Eerdmans, pp. 93-114. [Book section]

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Cameron-Mowat, Andrew (2006) Back to the Future. The Pastoral Review. [Journal Article]

Cameron-Mowat, Andrew (2006) Liturgy and Renewal: Participation, Celebration and Inculturation. The Pastoral Review. [Journal Article]

Costigane, Helen (2006) Religious Orders and the Criminal Records Bureau. Ecclesiastical Law Journal, 8 (38), pp. 323-332. [Journal Article]

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Cottingham, John (2006) Edith Stein: a philosophical prologue. Alasdair MacIntyre. The Tablet, p. 21. [Book review]

Cottingham, John (2006) The God Delusion. Richard Dawkins. The Tablet, p. 22. [Book review]

Cottingham, John (2006) The Mind-Body Relation: Matter and Morality in the Sixth Meditation. In: Gaukroger, Stephen, (ed.) The Blackwell Guide to Descartes’ Meditations. Oxford: Blackwell, pp. 179-192. [Book section]

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Cottingham, John (2006) What I Believe. Anthony Kenny. Times Literary Supplement, p. 27. [Book review]

Cottingham, John (2006) The Will and Human Action From Antiquity to the Present Day. Thomas Pink and M.W.F. Stone (eds). Mind, 115 (459), pp. 793-796. [Book review]


Gilfillan Upton, Bridget (2006) Hearing Mark's Endings: Listening to Ancient Popular Texts through Speech Act Theory. Leiden: Brill. [Monograph]

Gorsky, Jonathan (2006) Multicultural Britain and Interfaith Dialogue. In: Brierley, M, (ed.) Public life and the place of the Church - Studies in Theology and Spirituality. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 77-94. [Book section]


Hoff, Johannes (2006) Gewalt oder Metaphysik. Die Provokation aus Rom. Die Zeit. [Journal Article]


Lacewing, Michael (2006) Becoming a Subject. Marcia Cavell. Notre Dame Philosophical reviews. [Book review]

Law, Stephen (2006) The War For Children's Minds. New York / London: Routledge. [Monograph]


O'Mahony, Anthony (2006) Coptic Christianity in modern Egypt. In: Angold, Michael, (ed.) The Cambridge History of Christianity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 488-510. [Book section]

O'Mahony, Anthony (2006) Syriac Christianity in the Modern Middle East. In: Angold, M, (ed.) Cambridge History of Christianity: Volume Five Eastern Christianity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 511-535. [Book section]

O'Mahony, Anthony (2006) Christian Presence, Church-State Relations and Theology in Modern Jerusalem: The Holy See, Palestinian Christianity and the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem in the Holy Land. Aram Periodical, 18, pp. 229-305. [Journal Article]

O'Mahony, Anthony (2006) The Coptic Catholic Church, the Apostolic Vicar Maximus Giuaid (1821–1831), the Propaganda Fide and the Franciscans in Early Nineteenth-Century Egypt. In: Murre-van den Berg, Heleen, (ed.) New Faith in Ancient Lands: Western Missions in the Middle East in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries. Leiden: Brill, pp. 93-111. [Book section]

O'Mahony, Anthony (2006) Cyprian Rice, OP, Shi’a Islam and the Dominican Mission to Iran 1933-1934. In: Tamcke, Martin, Marten, Michael, (eds.) Christian Witness Between Continuity and New Beginnings: Modern Historical Missions in the Middle East. Münster: LIT Verlag, pp. 33-39. [Book section]

O'Mahony, Anthony (2006) Exodus under Fire. The Tablet, 12 Aug, pp. 4-5. [Journal Article]

O'Mahony, Anthony (2006) "Our Common Fidelity to Abraham is What Divides": Christianity and Islam in the Life and Thought of Louis Massignon. In: O'Mahony, Anthony, Bowe, Peter, (eds.) Catholics in Interreligious Dialogue: Monasticism, Theology and Spirituality. Leominster: Gracewing, pp. 151-190. [Book section]

O'Mahony, Anthony (2006) The Syrian Catholic Church: a study in history and ecclesiology. Sobornost, 28 (2), pp. 28-50. [Journal Article]

O'Mahony, Anthony (2006) The rise of Shia. The Tablet, 29 Jul, pp. 4-5. [Journal Article]


Poulsom, Martin (2006) Hear My Story: Understanding the Cries of Troubled Youth by Dean Borgman. Journal of Youth and Theology, 5 (1), pp. 96-98. [Book review]


Riordan, Patrick (2006) The Common Good of a Pluralist Society (Revised). In: Healey, Sean, Reynolds, Brigid, Collins, Michael L., (eds.) Social Policy in Ireland. Principles, Practice and Problems. Revised and updated edition. Dublin: Liffey Press, pp. 43-58. [Book section]

Riordan, Patrick (2006) The Common Good of a Pluralist Society. In: Healy, Sean, Reynolds, Brigid, Collins, Micheal, (eds.) Social Policy in Ireland. Principles, Practice and Problems, revised and updated edition. Dublin: The Liffey Press, pp. 47-64. [Book section]

Riordan, Patrick (2006) The Common Good of a Pluralist Society. In: Healey, Sean, Reynolds, Brigid, Collins, Michael L., (eds.) Social Policy in Ireland. Principles, Practice and Problems. Dublin: Liffey Press, pp. 43-58. [Book section]

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Riordan, Patrick (2006) Lonergan’s Quest: A Study of Desire in the Authoring of Insight. William A. Mathews. Heythrop Journal , 50 (3), pp. 531-533. [Book review]

Robinson, Dominic (2006) Back to School is a Way Forward. The Tablet. [Journal Article]


Simmonds, Gemma (2006) Jazz Age Catholicism: Mystic Modernism in Postwar Paris, 1919-1933’, Stephen Schloesser. The Way. [Book review]

Sweeney, James (2006) Catholicism and Freedom: Dignitatis humanae – the Text and its Reception. In: Arweck, Elizabeth, Collins, Peter, (eds.) Reading Religion in Text and Context. Aldershot: Ashgate , pp. 17-33. [Book section]

Sweeney, James (2006) Marriage and Family – A Covenantal Relationship. The Pastoral Review, 2 (5). [Journal Article]


Ward, Keith (2006) Contemporary Spirituality and Christian Doctrine. In: Brierley, Michael, (ed.) Public Life and the Place of the Church. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 65-76. [Book section]

Ward, Keith (2006) Contemporary Spirtuality and Christian Doctrine. In: Brierley, M, (ed.) Public Life and the Place of the Church. Aldershot: Ashgate. [Book section]

Ward, Keith (2006) Human Nature and the Soul. In: Jeeves, Malcolm, (ed.) Human Nature. Edinburgh: Royal Society of Edinburgh. [Book section]

Ward, Keith (2006) Pascal's Fire. Oxford: Oneworld . [Monograph]

Ward, Keith (2006) Reason and the Enlightenment. In: Shults, Leron, (ed.) The Evolution of Rationality: interdisciplinary essays in honor of J Wentzel van Huyssteen. Cambridge: Eerdmans, pp. 122-129. [Book section]

Ward, Keith (2006) Secular Views of Religion. In: Gort, Jerald, Jansen, Henry, Vroom, Hendrik, (eds.) Religions view Religions: explorations in pursuit of understanding. Amsterdam - New York: Rodopi, pp. 321-335. [Book section]

Ward, Keith (2006) The Triune God. In: Morgan, Robert, (ed.) In Search of Humanity and Deity: a celebration of John Macquarrie's theology. London: SCM. [Book section]

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