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Abram, Anna (2014) Sukces Przez Porazke Moralna: Szekspirowski Krol Lear and Biblijny Krol Dawid (Success Through Moral Failure: Shakespearean King Lear and Biblical King David). In: Glab, Anna, (ed.) Literatura i Etyka: Antologia Tekstow (Literature and Ethics: Anthology). Lublin, Poland: Wydawnictwo KUL, pp. 25-40. [Book section]

Austin, Nicholas (2014) Mind and Heart: Towards an Ignatian Spirituality of Study. Studies in the Spirituality of Jesuits, 46 (4), pp. 1-40. [Journal Article]

Austin, Nicholas and Dawson, Roger (2014) The Consolation of Character Strength in Ignatian Spirituality and Positive Psychology. The Way, 53 (3), pp. 7-21. [Journal Article]


Benn, Piers (2014) The Gay Marriage Debate – Afterthoughts. Think, 13 (36), pp. 23-31. [Journal Article]

Benn, Piers (2014) Not Caring: Sociopaths and the Suffering of Others. In: Schramme, Thomas, (ed.) Being Amoral : Psychopathy and Moral Incapacity. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, pp. 167-184. [Book section]

Benn, Piers (2014) What is the Value of Toleration? Prospect. [Journal Article]

Burns, Elizabeth (2014) The Ontological Argument as an Integrated or Fusion Argument for the Existence of God. Two Dozen (or so) Theistic Arguments, Baylor University, Texas [Conference or Workshop Item]

Burns, Elizabeth (2014) Re-visioning Gender in Philosophy of Religion: Reason, Love and Epistemic Locatedness, Pamela Sue Anderson. International Journal for Philosophy of Religion. [Book review]

Burns, Elizabeth (2014) Classical and Revisionary Theism on the Divine as Personal: A Rapprochement? International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, pp. 151-165. [Journal Article]

Burns, Elizabeth (2014) Where the Conflict Really Lies: Plantinga, the Challenge of Evil, and Religious Naturalism. Philosophia Reformata, 79 (I), pp. 66-82. [Journal Article]


Costigane, Helen (2014) The Preliminary Investigation (Canon 1717). Due Process, Law and Love, 5, pp. 3-4. [Journal Article]

Costigane, Helen (2014) The Quality of Mercy in Translation. The Pastoral Review, 10 (4), pp. 57-61. [Journal Article]

Cottingham, John (2014) Authority and Trust: Reflections on Linda Zagzebski’s Epistemic Authority. European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 6 (4), pp. 25-38. [Journal Article]

Cottingham, John (2014) Philosophy of Religion : Towards a More Humane Approach. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. [Monograph]


Douglas, Alexander (2014) Christoph Wittich's Anti-Spinoza. Intellectual History Review, 24 (2), pp. 153-166. [Journal Article]

Douglas, Alexander (2014) Was Spinoza a Naturalist? Pacific Philosophical Quarterly. [Journal Article]


Ellis, Fiona (2014) God, Value, and Nature. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [Monograph]


Hoff, Johannes (2014) After Chalcedon: Re-thinking Western Christology in Light of the Dialogue with the Oriental Orthodox Churches. Conference on “Dialogue and Exchange between the Oriental Orthodox and Catholic Traditions on Christology” of The Centre for Eastern Christianity, Heythrop College, London [Conference or Workshop Item]

Hoff, Johannes (2014) The Deconstruction of the Romantic ‚Total Work of Art’ in Christoph Schlingensief. Shaped by Beauty. Art, Religion, and Ethics in Conversation, Heythrop College in collaboration with the Theology Department of Fordham University (New York) [Conference or Workshop Item]

Hoff, Johannes (2014) Der apokalyptische Augenblick im Lächeln Beatrices. Public Lecture on occasion of the exhibition „Die Göttliche Komödie - Himmel, Hölle, Fegefeuer aus Sicht afrikanischer Gegenwartskünstler“, Vortragsreihe MMK (Museum für moderne Kunst) Frankfurt, organised by the MMK and the ‚Haus am Dom‘ Frankfurt [Conference or Workshop Item]

Hoff, Johannes (2014) Diesseits von Pan(en)theismus und Atheismus: Orthodoxy nach dem Ende des Franziskanischen Zeitalters. Keynote speech at the expert conference „Gott oder Göttliches: Formen der Transzendenz – Jenseits von Apophatizismus, Monotheismus und Theismus“, Katholische Akademie Schwerte (Germany) [Conference or Workshop Item]

Hoff, Johannes (2014) Doxological Reduction: Catholic Theology after the Radical Hermeneutics of Post-modernity. Post-graduate study day ‘Catholicism and Critical Theory’, Centre of Catholic Studies, Durham, UK [Conference or Workshop Item]

Hoff, Johannes (2014) Himmel, Hölle, Fegefeuer. Dantes Commedia und die vergessene Wahrheit apokalyptischer Traumwelten. In: Gaensheimer, Susanne, (ed.) Die Göttliche Komödie - Himmel, Hölle, Fegefeuer aus Sicht afrikanischer Gegenwartskünstler. Bielefeld: Kerber, pp. 68-81. [Book section]

Hoff, Johannes (2014) In der Natur regiert nicht nur der Zufall. Ein Theologe wirft den Naturwissenschaften den Fehdehandschuh hin und zieht sie des Dogmatismus. Ist die Evolutionstheorie nur die eine Seite der Medaille? Salzburger Nachrichten. [Journal Article]

Hoff, Johannes (2014) Nicholas of Cusa, Denys the Areopagite and the Science of Praise. Patristic Seminar Series, King's College London [Conference or Workshop Item]

Hoff, Johannes (2014) Orthodoxie nach dem Ende totaler Immanenzsimulation. Die Beobachtung Gottes Konstruktionen und Konsequenzen des Monotheismus, Annual ‘Karlsruher Kulturgespräche’ of the ‘Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie’ (ZKM) in Karlsruhe [Conference or Workshop Item]

Hoff, Johannes (2014) Simplicity: the Modularized Mind and the Analytic Fallacy of the Franciscan Age. The Soul, Centre of Theology and Philosophy at St Anne’s College, University of Oxford [Conference or Workshop Item]

Hoff, Johannes (2014) Zwischen Fiktion und Wirklichkeit. Der moderne Blick ins Weltall. GLOBArt Conference „Unsicthbar“, Kloster UND, Krems [Conference or Workshop Item]

Hoff, Johannes (2014) Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. Dante's Comedy and the Forgotten Truth of Apocalyptic Dreamworlds. In: Ambrožič, Mara, Njami, Simon, (eds.) The Divine Comedy Revisited by Contemporary African Artists. Berlin: Kerber Verlag, pp. 66-81. [Book section]

Hoff, Johannes (2014) Reue und Welttheater. Erinnerungen an Christoph Schlingensief. Die Tagespost, 98. [Journal Article]

Hoff, Johannes (2014) "Wer bin ich und Warum?" Im Totalcrash auf Spurensuche. Meine Begegnung mit Christoph Schlingensief. In: Dobner, Heidemarie, (ed.) Auf/Bruch (GLOBart). Eine Anleitung wie das Leben gelingen könnte. Vienna: Ambra, pp. 39-49. [Book section]

Howard, Damian (2014) Grim Parody of a Golden Age. London: The Tablet [Other]

Howard, Damian (2014) On not having to be John Keating: Ignatian spirituality in the classroom. Thinking Faith. [Journal Article]

Howard, Damian (2014) Risiko und Widerstand - 50 Jahres interreligiöser Dialog in der katholischen Kirche. CIBEDO-Beiträge (2/2014), pp. 52-59. [Journal Article]

Howard, Damian (2014) Risk and Resistance: Fifty Years of Interreligious Dialogue in the Catholic Church. Pro Dialogo, 145 (1), pp. 33-49. [Journal Article]

Howard, Damian (2014) Some Reflections on Stefano Bigliardi’s “On Harmonizing Islam and Science”. Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective, 3 (10), pp. 50-52. [Journal Article]

Howard, Damian (2014) The ‘Buffered Self’, Muslim-Christian Relations and the Church’s Response to a Secular Age. “Faith in a Secular Age: a Conversation with Charles Taylor”, Heythrop College, University of London [Conference or Workshop Item]

Howard, Damian (2014) Pope Francis, the Jesuit: Vicar of Christ, Companion of Jesus. ‘What’s in a Name?’ The Church and Pope Francis One Year On, Heythrop College, University of London [Conference or Workshop Item]

Howard, Damian (2014) Working together to Improve Our Interreligious Dialogue. Third Seminar of the Catholic-Muslim Forum, Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, Vatican City State [Conference or Workshop Item]

Howells, Edward (2014) Personal Experience and Critical Distance in the Interpretation of Spiritual Texts. The Way, 53 (4), pp. 7-16. [Journal Article]


Jones, Stephen Andrew (2014) The Virtue of Gratitude According to St Thomas Aquinas. [Doctoral Thesis]


Lacewing, Michael (2014) Philosophy for AS: Epistemology and Philosophy of Religion. London: Routledge. [Textbook]

Lacewing, Michael (2014) Psychodynamic psychotherapy, insight and therapeutic action. Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, 21 (2), pp. 156-173. [Journal Article]

Lacewing, Michael (2014) Emotions and the Virtues of Self-Understanding. In: Todd, Cain, Roeser, Sabina, (eds.) Emotion and Value. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 199-211. [Book section] (Forthcoming)

Lang, Uwe Michael (2014) Die Krise der sakralen Kunst und die Quellen ihrer Erneuerung im Denken Papst Benedikts XVI. In: Hauke, Manfred, (ed.) Papst Benedikt XVI. und die Liturgie. Regensburg: Verlag Friedrich Pustet, pp. 111-130. [Book section]

Lang, Uwe Michael (2014) Historische Stationen zur Frage der lateinischen Liturgiesprache. In: Heid, Stefan, (ed.) Operation am lebenden Objekt: Roms Liturgiereformen von Trient bis zum Vaticanum II. Berlin: be.bra wissenschaft, pp. 221-237. [Book section]

Lang, Uwe Michael (2014) Sacred Architecture at the Service of the Mission of the Church. In: Reid, Alcuin, (ed.) The Sacred Liturgy: Source and Summit of the Life and Mission of the Church. The Proceedings of the International Conference on the Sacred Liturgy Sacra Liturgia 2013. San Francisco: Ignatius Press, pp. 187-211. [Book section]

Lang, Uwe Michael (2014) What Makes Architecture "Sacred"? Logos: a Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture, 17, pp. 44-64. [Journal Article]

Loose, Jonathan J (2014) Getting to Grips with Emergence: Physicalism, Individuals, Selves, and Resurrection. Evangelical Philosophical Society Annual Conference, San Diego, CA [Conference or Workshop Item]


Mather, James Stewart (2014) The Reclamation of Biblical Concepts: Prophecy & Sacrifice according to René Girard & Walter Brueggemann. [Doctoral Thesis]


O'Mahony, Anthony (2014) Louis Massignon: A Catholic Encounter with Islam and the Middle East. In: Davies, Katherine, Garfitt, Toby, (eds.) God's Mirror : Renewal and Engagement in French Catholic Intellectual Culture in the Mid-Twentieth Century. New York: Fordham University Press, pp. 230-251. [Book section]

O'Mahony, Anthony and Thomas, Scott M. (2014) Postsecularity and the Contending Visions of the European Political Imagination in International Relations. In: Mavelli , Luca , Petito, Fabio , (eds.) Towards a Postsecular International Politics : New Forms of Community, Identity, and Power. London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 105-128. [Book section]

O'Mahony, Anthony (2014) Christianity in modern Turkey: an overview. In: Grey, Mary, Macpherson, Duncan, O'Mahony, Anthony, South, Colin, (eds.) Living Stone Yearbook 2014: Christianity engages with Islam: contexts, creativity and tensions. Bishop's Stortford: Melisende, pp. 41-63. [Book section]

O'Mahony, Anthony (2014) The Syrian Catholic Church: a study in modern history and ecclesiology. In: Marinčák, Šimon, (ed.) Vybrané otázky a perspektívy teológie vo východných cirkvách zjednotených s Rímom = Selected Questions and Perspectives on the Theology in the Eastern Churches united with Rome (Orientalia et Occidentalia 14). Košice, Slovakia: Vydavateľstvo Dobrá kniha, pp. 195-212. [Book section]


Poulsom, Martin (2014) The Dialectics of Creation: Creation and the Creator in Edward Schillebeeckx and David Burrell. London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark. [Monograph]

Poulsom, Martin (2014) New resonances in classic motifs: finding Schillebeeckx’s theology in translation (Review essay on The Collected Works of Edward Schillebeeckx). Louvain studies, 38 (4), pp. 370-381. [Journal Article]


Quigley, Joseph Anthony (2014) The Art of the Possible – Seventy Years On - Theological Pragmatics of the Education Act, 1944. [Doctoral Thesis]


Riordan, Patrick (2014) The Common Good in Global Perspective. Tambara: A Journal on the Humanities and Social Sciences, 31 (2), pp. 1-18. [Journal Article]

Riordan, Patrick (2014) The Purpose of the Law: The Case of Same-sex Marriage. Studies: an Irish Quarterly Review, 103 (409), pp. 10-19. [Journal Article]

Riordan, Patrick (2014) Retribution or Restorative Justice: A False Dichotomy. In: Carroll, Eoin, Warner, Kevin, (eds.) Re-Imagining Imprisonment in Europe. Effects, Failures and the Future. Dublin: Liffey Press, pp. 144-159. [Book section]


Sutton, Agneta (2014) Couples Practicing Contraception: A Call for Dialogue. INTAMS Review, 20 (2), pp. 260-268. [Journal Article]


Ward, Keith (2014) The Evidence for God : The Case for the Existence of the Spiritual Dimension. London: Darton, Longman & Todd. [Monograph]

Ward, Keith (2014) Freedom, Necessity, and Suffering in God. In: Clarke, Anthony, Moore, Andrew, (eds.) Within the Love of God : Essays on the Doctrine of God in Honour of Paul S. Fiddes. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 134-143. [Book section]

Ward, Keith (2014) The Future of Liberal Theology. Modern Believing, 55 (4), pp. 338-342. [Journal Article]

Ward, Keith (2014) The Grand Design: the Elimination of Mind. Science, Religion and Culture, 1 (1), pp. 15-21. [Journal Article]

Ward, Keith (2014) A Liberal View of the Trinity. Modern Believing, 55 (3), pp. 211-222. [Journal Article]

Ward, Keith (2014) The Reasonableness of Christianity. In: Lewis, Christopher, Cohn-Sherbok, Dan, (eds.) Sensible Religion. London: Ashgate/Routledge, pp. 81-93. [Book section]

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